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Wholesale Customers Save Approximately 25% Off Retail On Amsoil Products

Not only do you save up to 25% on Amsoil products, but you also receive the following:

  • Exclusive product and freight promotions
  • Free gear
  • Points on purchases
  • Referral rewards

Buy Amsoil Products Wholesale As A Preferred Customer In The Amsoil Corporate Online Store.
You can purchase a preferred customer membership for as little as $20.00 per year including a subscription to Amsoil's monthly Action News Magazine. This will allow you to purchase products for your own personal use at the same wholesale prices that dealers pay, saving approximately 25% off retail prices. However, you can not resell Amsoil products or earn commissions like an Amsoil independent dealer. If you buy $100 of AMSOIL products a year, a Preferred Customer membership will save you money! You can start out with a 6 month trial membership for just $10.00. If you decide later that you would like to become a Dealer, you can upgrade your membership with no penalty, simply by paying the difference between the Preferred Customer fee and the Dealership fee and completing the upgrade to dealer application form.

Become a Preferred Customer Instantly Online by ordering your Preferred Customer membership in the Amsoil Online Store along with your first online product order. Once you enter the store, click on the link for the preferred customer program at the top of the column on the left. Next click the add to basket link for either the 6 month trial preferred customer membership or the 12 month preferred customer membership. Then continue adding the products you wish to purchase to the basket. Once you have added all the items you want to purchase, click on the Check Out link.

Complete the form with your Name, Address and shipping information etc. You will get an immediate discount on your order if you order the Preferred Customer program as part of the order. You will not automatically see your discounted prices when processing your order online, but your order total will be recalculated at the Preferred Customer discount price before your order is billed to your credit card and you will receive a second email showing you the discounted pricing. Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days. As a Preferred Customer you will also receive a general packet of information from Amsoil in the mail and you will also receive their monthly publication, the Amsoil Action News.

If you wish to order Amsoil products in very small quantities and you think that a preferred customer membership wouldn't save you any money overall, you can simply purchase the products you like at retail prices without purchasing an Amsoil Preferred Customer membership.

Click here to go to the Amsoil Online Store.

You can also become a Preferred Customer simply by calling the Amsoil ordering line at 1-800-777-7094, and telling the telephone operator that you would like to become a Preferred Customer. You will need your credit card number when you call. When the operator asks for a Dealer Referral Number please quote: # 1046189. It's as simple as that. Now you are entitled to purchase products at wholesale prices.

You can also purchase Amsoil products at retail pricing without the need to purchase an Amsoil Preferred Customer membership using the 1-800-777-7094 Amsoil toll free ordering line if you prefer.

Preferred Customers buy wholesale but cannot establish retail and commercial accounts or receive commissions and override bonuses like a dealer can. Even dealers who are not actively running their businesses can still receive commission credit bonus checks from AMSOIL of between 2% and 25% of the commission credits generated on their purchases, in any month that their total commission credits exceed 100. The percentage paid is dependent on the total volume of commission credits generated in the month.

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Companys Who Wish To Use & Purchase Amsoil Products Wholesale For Use In Their Vehicle Fleet, Plant Equipment Or Machinery, Click Here For Information On A Free Wholesale Commercial Account!

Repair Shops Or Retail Stores Who Wish To Buy Amsoil Products Wholesale & Resell To Their Customers Click Here For Information On A Free Wholesale Retail-On-The-Shelf Account!

is the industry leader in synthetic oils, lubricants & filtration products!

The Company of Firsts 
  AMSOIL has a documented history of innovation and leadership.

  • First to develop an API-rated 100 percent synthetic motor oil.
  • First to introduce the concept of "extended drain intervals" with a recommended 25,000-mile/1-year drain interval.
  • First U.S. company to utilize the NOACK volatility test as a standard of performance excellence.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines, racing engines, turbo and marine engines.
  • First to introduce synthetic oils that legitimately contribute to improving fuel efficiency.
  • First to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automotive use.
  • First to manufacture a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil.
  • First to manufacture a synthetic automatic transmission fluid for automotive use.


As shown in Independent Comparison Tests by the American Petroleum Institute (API), Amsoil products are second to none & consistently outperform those of their competitors. Their extended drain technology and reduced coefficient of friction are benefitting individuals and industry throughout North America, by helping them to reduce fuel costs, maintenance expenses and downtime, while at the same time, increasing the life of their vehicles and equipment. Amsoil provides the best quality products in the industry at very competitive prices.

Since 1972, Amsoil has manufactured the best Synthetics available anywhere.
Amsoil also engineers and manufactures top quality Absolute Efficiency oil filters that have a 25,000 mile or one year service life and air filters that can be used for 4 years or 100,000 miles. These EA filters employ nano fiber technology. Amsoil also provides specialized by-pass filtration systems for commercial and fleet applications for cars, light, medium and heavy trucks that can filter particles down to less than one micron. Standard full flow oil filters are less efficient and can only filter to 20-25 microns. These filtration systems have been proven through usage over millions of miles in over-the road trucks, construction equipment and other fleet and plant equipment. They virtually eliminate the need for normal oil changes while at the same time reduce engine wear.

  • Amsoil products are designed to save you time and money
  • Amsoil has the only 25,000 mile/one- year and 35,000 mile/one- year motor oils in the world
  • Amsoil lubricants outperform the most demanding performance specifications of all major U.S. and foreign automobile and truck manufacturers
  • They provide up to twice the wear protection of other motor oils
  • They increase vehicle life span
  • They improve performance, fuel economy and efficiency
  • Their diesel oils and filtration products are designed for use of over 1,000,000 miles in over-the-road trucks before engine overhaul 
  • Amsoil products are used by many racing teams, taxi fleets, police departments, construction firms industrial plants and trucking companies

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Dealership or Preferred Customer options and we will provide you with the answers you need. We will also be pleased to help you with any product and technical information you require. Thank you for your interest in Amsoil.

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